Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training
Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training System

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ATTENTION: Hardgainers! Have your training results come to a screeching halt even though you are spending countless hours in the gym and wasting hundreds of dollars on useless supplements? Full Natural Muscle Building Report Below:

"Unleash The "Muscle Freak" Within Every Hardgainer Utilizing Secret Russian Techniques, Disovered By A Genetically Average Joe....
...That Packed On "Slabs Of Lean Muscle" So Fast His Arms Grew by 2-Inches While Gaining
23 LBS Of Muscle Mass In Only 11-Weeks!

Dear Fellow Hardgainer,

Why Do So Many Chumps At The Gym Fail To Make Any Progress?

Hyper growth muscle mass training You know what I'm talking about. I see the same guys come to the gym on a regular basis. As I looked around at these skinny saps, that's when I realized it's been a couple years and their mediocre physiques haven't changed one bit.

These Guys Are The Laughing Stock Of The Gym & Don't Even Know It!

I know it's kind of embarrassing to admit….I've been a gym rat for over 21 years and about a year ago, I too felt like my training had hit a brick wall…

I have definitely made some tremendous gains since I first started, but is that so amazing? Seriously doesn't everyone look different from when they were 16-years old and start weight training?

Some of these ads I've seen on the Internet just make me laugh. It's almost insulting. The before picture shows a 17-year old teenager, and the after picture shows a pic of a 34-year old man. Yet the headline says, "transform your body in 90-days"…. I'm not a rocket scientist but to me it looks like it should read… "Transform Your Body In 17 Years…"

You caught me in a rant… I'll probably have a few more of those.

I've had some growth spurts during my lifting journey but one thing I've learned is eventually your body will adapt and you'll have to try something new… It's just too easy to get in a rut and follow the same "NO Results" routine you're used to and the same old exercises you like….

I Decided To Be Different Than Everyone Else… Or I'd Be Trapped On The Same Dismal 'No Results' Hell Like Everyone Else!

It's true I was stuck in a training rut or a plateau as we call it. My training buddies and I along with most other gym-goers actually do pretty similar workouts.

This is how my workouts used to look. I'd pick 3 exercises per body part and do 8-10 reps per exercise. The last two reps would always be forced reps so I'd reach muscular failure. I'd pyramid up in weight so each set got heavier. Then I'd throw in one extra set at the end with lighter weight and call this a drop set just to get a burn. This Really Worked For A Few Years….

As A Beginner I Put On 30 Pounds Of Serious Muscle.

Anyone that has been training for an extended period of time knows that this kind of program is called H.I.T. It stands for "high intensity training". I've been a big believer in this system for a long time and still think it works.

However, I do strongly believe that at some point your body stops responding to it and that's the point I had come to. I was run down and over trained BIG TIME! Some guys say overtraining is just an excuse to skip workouts. I had been busting my butt in the gym but my gains stopped DEAD! …

When you're trying as hard as you can and giving it 110% day after day With NO RESULTS something is going on.

Is Your Nervous System Fried? Are You Totally Overtrained?
Sure Fire Warning Signs Below:

  • Do you feel tired, drained, and lack energy?

  • Do You have general aches and pains in your muscles and joints.

  • Suffer A Sudden drop in performance. Weights that used to feel light somehow feel heavy.

  • Trouble sleeping at night.

  • Get weird headaches that You don't usually have.

  • Your immune system is definitely weaker… You keep feeling like you have a cold you can't shake.

  • Your wife or girlfriend tells you "You're moody".

  • The more you feel like this the more you want to work harder and get over the hump but nothing you try does the trick!

It was time to find some answers!

One Place I Wasn't Going To Find The Answers… Muscle Magazines…

First of all the muscle magazines are petty much just supplement catalogs. Did you know that each magazine has a sister supplement company that the magazine promotes? Take a look:

Muscle Mags are owned by supplement companies

Keep this in mind when you're reading an article about the latest greatest supplement.

What About Training Routines Of The " Pros "…

If it works for the huge muscle monsters flexing from cover to cover of your favorite muscle magazine surely it has to work for you too right?…

WRONG! For two big reasons…

  1. First of all, they won't work for you because it is common knowledge that the pros are anabolically enhanced. They are juiced to the gills. Hey they can do what they want, but that's not the route I'm choosing.

  2. They didn't even write the articles or the routines that you're reading! Have you ever heard of a ghost writer? I have, because I've been one. Many of you know I created a web site called drugfreebodybuilding.com where I shared my natural bodybuilding tips and the journey I've been through as a "Genetically Average Joe."

Anyhow, I was contacted by one of the magazines above to write a training routine/article for one of the pros that would be featured in the magazine. I didn't feel right just making it up so I contacted the pro to ask him about his training. I certainly didn't have to do that and I don't think many other ghostwriters would feel a moral obligation to do so.

What if the magazines read this and find out that I'm ratting them out? Well, I don't really care. This is probably the last muscle-building project I'll do. Frankly all the attention is a bit much for me and I'm kind of looking forward to getting my laid back life back where I do my own thing and play in a band on the weekends for fun.

Back to my story. The magazines aren't going to help you out, so where should you look next? What about all the Internet Gurus…

There Is Some Valuable Info In Cyberspace…
But It's Hard To Find & Harder To Trust

I know that sounds a bit harsh, but hear me out. I've seen some of the programs for sale online and when you look at the guy that wrote the book you can't even tell that they workout. They'll sell some "Get Huge" book or something but they look like a Walmart catalog 'Sissy' modeling Cheap Fruit of The Loom Briefs!

To me underwear models aren't huge. Sure, they might be fit and toned, but that's not really the look I'm going for.

Would you hire a personal trainer that is fat? I wouldn't and I wouldn't buy something from somebody online that was the opposite. It drives me crazy when a skinny guy tries teaching people how to get big.

Most Training Programs & Articles DO NOT Even Apply To You & Me!

I'm not trying to be a pro athlete, I don't want to be a pro bodybuilder, and I don't want to lose so much fat and muscle at the same time that I look like a male fitness model.

There's nothing wrong with male fitness models, I'm just interested in a more rugged look….

I want to look "Jacked" at the beach. It wouldn't be uncool at all if people noticed me when I took my shirt off. Heck it would be nice to put a romantic spark back in my marriage as well.

Pesonally, I don't really see the need for all these so-called "functional workouts". By functional I mean doing exercises that make me a better athlete or carry over to real life.

What do I need that for, so I can mow the lawn better? So I can play with my neices and nephews? I'm not that out of shape. I'm in pretty good shape actually… I just want to grow my muscles bigger! Is that so much to ask for?

Most Cutting Edge Trends Are A Waste Of Time
& Yield Piss Poor Muscle Building Results

Standing on a wobble board isn't going to make me bigger, stretching isn't going to make me bigger. Jogging 5-miles won't make me bigger. There are lots of great fitness programs out there to improve your health and sure I wouldn't mind improving my health but… when it comes down to it, I want bigger muscles!

Maybe I'm being greedy but I simply want bigger muscles and lower body fat at the same time. Sign me up for ...a thicker chest, tree trunk legs, broad shoulders, massive arms and rippling abs...

I'll let you in on a dirty little secret.

The Gurus Have Web Sites Written By Advertising & Marketing Experts AND They Pay Thousands Of Dollars For It!

All they are is Internet Salesmen. They have graphic designers that Photoshop pictures making anybody look like they made a huge transformation. Don't believe me? Check out this shocking video expose…

One Day It Finally 'Clicked' And I Was Back On...
The Fast Track To Gaining Rapid Size!

I had a pretty solid base, I had been lifting for a long time now and felt that I had overcome a lot of my 'hardgainer' genes through hard work and dedication.

Grow Bigger Muscles Fast I had been moving some heavy weights and training to failure doing three to four sets of around 8 reps. But like I said, I hadn't been making much gains and wasn't sure why what had been working for me for so long wasn't doing the trick anymore….

I trained at your typical commercial gym located in the Orlando FL area. Over the years, I had made friends with one of the personal trainers named John. He was about 45-years old but he looked like he was 32. He was about 5'10" and 220 lbs with, I'd guess, about 10% body fat.

John always wears a tank top when he trains and he's got some pretty big arms, probably around 19-inches. I was just joking around with him and asked him if he was selling tickets to the gun show. He told me I should enter the show instead and asked me to jump in and train with him for the day.

I thought what the heck…let me follow someone else around for a change. Besides, there's no way this "old man" can out lift me. Well, I was in for a rude awakenin...

John didn't start with heavy compound exercises for medium reps. I would have destroyed him in that….

Instead, we started with some smaller muscle groups and supersetted exercises, did some higher reps with short breaks. Man! He had some endurance. Ya, it was lighter weight than I was used to lifting but… by the fourth set I was fried and had a huge pump going.

These Workouts Rocked & I Was Thirsty For More

John let me tag along for a few more weeks with similar style workouts. He said they are not HIT or high intensity training workouts, but I didn't see why not….they were extremely intense training sessions.

I Was Lifting More TOTAL Weight In Less Time & My Muscles Were Getting A Pump Every Workout!

If anyone tells you a pump doesn't matter, they don't know what they are talking about!. There are so many articles and debates written on the subject all you can really do is experience it for yourself like I did. As for me, I kept training with John. I don't know if it was the new training partner or the new routine but I was FINALLY making some sizeable gains again.

In 7-weeks my arms went from 16.5 inches to 17.5 inches. My pant size went from a 36 waste to a 34. My dress shirt went from a size 16 to a 17 inch collar. My shoulders must have got bigger too because my sleeves went from a 30 to a 32..

I Started Calling John's Workouts The 'Rut Buster Routine'…

The real amazing thing is now that I was bigger and leaner, when I went back to my old routine I hadn't lost a step.

In fact, it felt new again and I was able to start lifting heavier again. That's when I realized that the guys that know what they are doing don't train the same way all year round. They have mass building cycles, they have fat burning cycles and they have strength cycles. They all have their place.

The main key is "do something so different your body doesn't even know how to respond". This is when I first start researching the concepts that would ultimately create The Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training System.

What happened to John, he still works as a trainer and he's even entering his first natural bodybuilding show this year. The gains kept piling on for me.

I Combined My Muscle Gain Experience With The Jealousy Guarded Nutrition & Training Secrets From the Bodybuilders Of The Golden Era

Former Mr. Olympia Frank Zane "The truth I've discovered is that you don't have to lift enormous weights to grow muscle. By using stricter form, slower negatives, and stretching between sets you can get an incredible pump in all your workouts.

Numbers are an abstraction,
especially to muscles. Your body doesn't know the absolute weight of what you lift, it only recognizes how heavy it feels. The secret is to make lighter weights feel heavier. "

-Frank Zane
3X Mr. Olympia (1977 to 1979)

The bodybuilders of the Golden Era from the 50s, 60s, and 70s produced bodies that resembled Greek Gods! The symmetry and proportion untainted by the humongous drug bloated waists of today's pro bodybuilders explains why even young men of today's generation are inspired by the men of this past generation.

Guys like Vince Gironda, Frank Zane and Larry Scott Had Attained The Secrets To Achieving Steroid-Like Results Without Drugs.

Pre Steroid era True Muscle Growth!

For example, Larry Scott was the classic hard-gainer…skinny, long arms, narrow shoulders, and unable to gain weight. Scott transformed his physique and became the ideal that all the bodybuilders of the fifties and sixties wanted to emulate. Scott attributed much of his success to the bodybuilding information he learned from the Iron Guru, Vince Gironda.

I love Gironda's stuff and have bought everything he has ever written. He was very inspirational to me when creating this system. And can you blame me? Even though these guys are from before my time, I feel that I have lot more in common with them than I do the pro bodybuilders of today. NOW, finally what I wanted to tell you about..

Muscle Mass Training Introducing The:

Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training System

"An Extremely Effective Natural Human Growth Hormone Stimulator And Packs On Tons Of Muscle Mass, Size And Encourages Hypertrophy Faster Than You Would Ever Think Possible...While Burning Body Fat Like Crazy!"

A step-by-step guide that teaches you the secrets, tips, and techniques you need to know to build a chiseled, muscular, ripped,
head-turning physique...FAST!

    The Doberman Dan

    hyper muscle growth system At last...an accurate way to determine your genetic potential for muscular growth.

    hyper muscle growth system How to gain incredible power & size...FAST!

    hyper muscle growth system How to create the illusion of the perfect physique even if you weren't blessed with a great genetic structure.

    hyper muscle growth story Intensity and volume, exactly how much is enough to stimulate maximum muscle growth?

    hyper muscle growth system How to train your muscles for maximum growth without over-stressing the central nervous system. (If you don't learn this one secret you will probably never make any significant gains!)

    hyper muscle growth story The ideal number of sets & reps for muscular hypertrophy.

    hyper muscle growth system A sure fire, easy way to determine if you're overtrained that you can use to monitor your progress every single day.

    hyper muscle growth story The truth about anabolic steroids.

    hyper muscle growth system How to create a natural anabolic state.

    hyper muscle growth story Secrets to shocking a muscle for accelerated muscular growth.

    hyper muscle growth system 4 keys to maximizing recuperation for increasing strength and muscular hypertrophy.

    hyper muscle growth story Why the "pyramid system" of training is not an efficient system for stimulating muscle mass increases...and exactly how to train for an additional 50% increase in muscular hypertrophy not normally stimulated by most training programs.

    hyper muscle growth system Why the "pump" is so critical to stimulating maximum muscular size.

    hyper muscle growth story How to avoid the negative metabolic side effects of weight training so the muscle capillaries stay in their expanded state, resulting in a full pumped feeling to the muscle long after the prescribed workout is finished.

    hyper muscle growth system Training to failure...is it necessary for maximum gains? The answer may surprise you!

    hyper muscle growth story How using less weight than you are capable of can cause massive and rapid increases in muscular mass...and how to use a simple formula for determining exactly how much weight to use for each and every exercise.

    hyper muscle growth system The maximum training time for each and every muscle group. If you exceed these time frames you can kiss your hard-earned muscle good-bye!

    hyper muscle growth story Compound exercises versus isolation exercises...which are best? You may be shocked!

    hyper muscle growth system Sample routines, training splits, and exercise descriptions so you can get started immediately.

    hyper muscle growth story A successful formula for determining exact rest periods between sets.

    hyper muscle growth system Shocking new nutritional information from Russia that can help you accelerate your gains.

    hyper muscle growth story How to cycle your training so you continue gaining and avoiding plateaus.

    hyper muscle growth system Find Out Why There Is Such Thing As A Good Muscle Pump & A Bad Muscle Pump

    hyper muscle growth story There's no such thing as magic pill, but there are supplements that can help!

And Much, Much More…

This course covers it all...training, complete routine, nutrition, recuperation, mental training...and makes it easy for you to start gaining muscle mass ASAP! Get ready for Hyper-Growth!

the Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training System

These Are Some Of The eMails I Received
From Beta-Testers Of The Original Hyper Growth Program Before I Improved It!

Hey Dan, All is great on the Training front - Been following your instructions & have put on 2Kg's of lean muscle & bulking up nicely.

George Howard, New Zealand

Hi, Dan
Firstly, I wanna THANK you for distributing a very ORGANIZED and RESULT Driven workout plan in your e-book. I have gone through several web links and 100s of webpage's with various workout plans but nothing quite so nicely streamlined and put thru in simple words... Hats off to you Again!.

Greg, Cambridge MA

Dan, At the time of testing this program I was 174 lbs. at 16.8% body fat. Today, just 10 days later I am 170 lbs at 14 % body fat. That is a loss of roughly 6 lbs. of fat while gaining 2 lbs. muscle. I am blown away! The fat seems to be melting off.

I think I can literally tell a difference every day. I am beginning to see my upper abs! I did not take a picture at the start but I have some recent enough pictures that I will send when I send my after pictures in 20 more days. I also took pictures today. I've never seen results like this.

I tried a 40/40/20 diet working out twice a day 6 days a week and had good results, but it took a month to get the results I've seen in your program.

I am a part-time personal trainer and all the other trainers at the gym are noticing the results, but when I tell them what I am doing diet-wise, they are always skeptical. It's really sad that we've been so programmed to believe the traditional junk. I feel HOT all the time and full of energy. Thanks, I just had to write and tell you.

More to come!

Jose Madrigal - Houston, TX


First sharing my gratitude with you is well over due. Two years ago, I was a skinny 175 lbs. Within 8 weeks of doing your Hyper Growth program and diet, I had put on 25 lbs.

This past winter I split the program up into two 4-week segments and put on an even leaner 25 pounds. Thanks to your program and my discipline, I gained 50 lbs in two years supplementing only protein, glutamine and post workout anti-oxidants.

Currently I'm looking to loose a little body fat almost as if I were preparing for a show just to see how my body reacts and give me a good idea of where my body is. Thanks again for the knowledge you've shared thus far.


Ddsprad at umich.edu


This System Might Not Be For You If..

….you're making gains in the gym that you're happy with. If it's not broken why fix it? If you're happy with your results there is no need for you to try this program. If you're looking for an easy way to get what you want this is not for you.

The media has been shoving it down our throats that you can have abs by working out only 8-minutes a day and you can get huge and ripped from a Bowflex Machine - I'm not going to insult your intelligence by implying that you believe that.

What it comes down to is that I can share with you a plan that worked for me and many other people. However I can't give you the desire to want a change. You either want it or you don't. If you don't want to change your physique that's perfectly fine, I hope I at least opened your eyes to some of the inner aspects of the industry.

If you need someone to wake you up in the morning drag you out of bed and call you when you don't show up to the gym this program isn't going to help you out.

You do need to be self motivated to want to change. If you want to have your hand held the entire way I'd rather you don't buy this. I've spent a tremendous amount of time sharing everything I've learned and honestly I only want to work with people that are serious about their goals.

Blast Your Muscles Until They Are So Pumped
They Are Forced To Grow

hyper growth muscle mass training If you have an off-season for your sport or you want to put on some mass than the Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training system is what you should do. It's a different kind of intensity. It's brutal because you blast a muscle until it's so pumped it's forced to grow.

Yes it's true a pump won't make you stronger, but if you're trying to get huge who cares. I personally use this hard hitting workout regiment between training cycles as deload for the central nervous system and as a way to build muscle size.

Mike Westerdal - Owner of CriticalBench.com

It's NOT Your Fault

Everybody is trying to sell you something or convince you that their system is the best. I'm not trying to do that. Either this is a good fit for you and what your goals are or it's not. No hard feelings on my end. The last thing I want is for you to buy something that you're not going to follow through with.

Create your own Muscle Growth Success Story Anyway, I know how you feel. I've bought different programs and tried things without getting the results that were "guaranteed". I worked the system, the system just sucked!

The world is full of skeptics and haters. Trust me if you believe strongly enough that something won't work there's a pretty darn good chance it won't. Look at the critics and the people that bash everyone on the forums. They are not usually successful at anything they do so why should training be any different.

Nobody can make up your mind for you. You have to decide what your goals are and what path you will take to achieve them. The scary part is you'll have to go against what most people say or you'll wind up like most people. If fathoms my mind how so many people just follow the crowd like a bunch of sheep even when what they're doing doesn't work.

If You Only Make Half The Gains I Did Would You Still Be Happy?

Olympic Weight Lifters Know The Value of GVT

Use GVT training to build huge leg muscles and quads Canadian weightlifter Jacques Demers, was a Silver Medallist in the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Jacques was known in weightlifting circles for his massive thighs. Jacque trained with the German method which is a huge part of the Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Trainng Program.

If it helped develop quads like this we knew there had to be something to his training and included this style in the program. Olympic weight lifters and former Mr. Olympia winners utlized many of the same training techniques!

Will everyone that does this program gain 23 lbs in under 3-months like I did while reducing bodyfat? I don't think everyone will, but I would say you probably will see some amazing results. If you reduce your body fat and gain 10 lbs of muscle in 2-months would you complain? Maybe you'll respond even better than I did.

Why Do You Want Bigger Muscles Anyway?

This is an interesting question. It's actually part of the driving force behind your training. I began thinking about this when I was cranking out those last few uncomfortable reps and thought, why do I do this to myself. Well the answer is easy, to get bigger muscles, but why do you and I want bigger muscles anyway?

Be The Alpha Male! I think it all comes down to wanting to be the alpha male. You look at the animal kingdom and one male is in charge. One male gets to mate with all the females. It doesn't matter which animal is the funniest or the cutest. It matters who is the biggest, strongest and baddest male. That male takes what he wants and does so by force.

Okay we live in a society with laws and most of us are protected from any real danger most of the time. But I still think as humans we revert back to our primal instincts. There's something to be said about the alpha male for us as well.

For example. Lets say you have to defend your woman's honor, because someone is being disrespectful. Wouldn't it be nice to be the bigger man? Does being bigger in an actual fight matter? Well if you get into a confrontation with a trained or skilled fighter your muscles won't help you. However when it comes down to two unskilled people the winner is usually the bigger stronger guy. I don't condone fighting at all, that's not my thing, but you have to admit it's nice to feel confident about defending yourself and your family.

The funny thing is when I was a skinny guy people used to test me more. I've noticed as I've bulked up, for some reason these situations don't really happen anymore. Basically I think it boils down to.... if you look big, people don't mess with you. Makes sense right?

Are You The Alpha Male In Your Stomping Grounds?

Okay I know I'm rambling again. I've been drinking too much coffee today when I should have been drinking a gallon of water…..I know I know. So why do I want muscles? I think women are still attracted to a healthy muscular man. It's not everything of course and will only get you so far, but you have to admit, having a nice physique can only help with the ladies. If you're already married like me, I'm sure your wife will be very pleased with the bigger biceps and washboard stomach.

To summarize why we want bigger muscles. It's to be the alpha male. It's to win the fight, protect our family, get the girl and demand respect. Okay this might be totally simplified off the wall here, but I know I've used some of these thoughts as motivation before.

Why Should People Respect You?

Do you keep your word? Do you do what you say you'll do? Do your friends count on you and rely on you when it's important? Are your kids proud of you, does your wife speak highly of you to her friends? Hopefully you answer positively to all these things, but if you don't it's okay.

This program isn't going to make you a better person, but it will build character. It's not going to be easy. Your friends will probably think you're a sucker for spending money on this. They'll probably laugh when you say how much you spent? Why? Either because they don't think you will follow through or they are jealous because you are doing something positive and worthwhile with yourself.

We all know that most people stand for nothing and fall for anything. They drift through life letting others make their decisions. They stay at jobs they don't like, in abusive marriages, and hide their sorrows in a bottle and let TV and the media mold their morals.

Experience Hyper Growth and Maximize Your Genetic Potential

You and I aren't like this! You wouldn't have read this far if you were, I know that for a fact. That's why if you buy this program it will be good for you have something to follow and stick to. You'll have to be accountable to yourself though, this is just a guide or roadmap if you will.

When it all boils down to it, it doesn't matter what others think of you. If you are happy with who you are it will reflect in the way you live your life. It will reflect in the way you carry yourself and in the way you look. You won't have to seek approval of anyone.

When you man up and stay true to yourself people respect you whether they like you or not. The only man you have to answer to other than God is the man in the mirror.

I'm Ready To Go Dan - What Exactly Do I Get &
What's It Going To Cost Me?

The Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training system is an electronic eBook or PDF file. This E-book is not available in book stores and contains over 217 pages of information.

You will be provided with an 11-Week Training program including training charts along with a nutrition program. With the information you learn you'll easily be able to create your own meal plans and workout programs so you can continue using the program over and over without it getting stale or old. Add this style of training to your workout arsenal and refer to it anytime you need to bust out of a rut.

My Arms Grew By 1.5 Inches!

grow bigger arm muscles This system is tight! I put on 12 lbs of muscle and have more energy than ever. As a BMX athlete I have to stay in shape because my income depends on it. For real, give this program a try, you'll be glad you did.

Ryan Magin, Pro BMXer

What if I don't know how to do the exercises? There are illustrations and video demonstrations for every exercise. You can even replace exercises if you have an injury or special circumstances.

I"m busy, how many days a week will I be training and for how long? You won't be training more than 2-days in a row and you won't be in the gym more than 4-days a week unless you want to. Workouts take about an hour.

I have a home gym, what equipment will I need? You'll need a barbell, weights, dumbbells and a cable machine. If you don't have the cable machine you can replace those exercises and still follow the program without sacrificing any gains.

The biggest question of all. What's it going to cost me? I thought long and hard about this. I mentioned this took me over a year to finalize the program. These were all things I considered when coming up with the price. When I write an article for the magazines I get paid about $300. I"ve hired a personal trainer and that cost me $600 for a 10 pack. Before I knew what supplements where junk I've easily spent $200 a month on cutting edge supplements.

I know this information is worth a lot. I'm not some fancy consultant business owner so it's hard for me to charge an arm and a leg. I still kind of feel funny about all this attention. People have been wanting to do interviews with me, and people from all over the world send me email questions and share their success stories. To me that's what makes it all worth it.

Elicit A Powerful Pump In The Target Muscle

Elicit an extreme muscle pump with Hyper Growth! "Doberman Dan's "Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training" program is a great take on building muscle. This is NOT about using overly heavy weights that you can't properly control and hoping for results...this is smart volume-based training designed to elicit a powerful pump in the target muscles.

In my own training programs, I'm a big fan of manipulating training volume and training intensity - I really like what Dan has done with this program, focusing on the overall WORKLOAD and on blood flow to the target muscles instead of just blasting yourself into oblivion (which can lead to nervous system burnout and plateaus FAST).

Bottom line, this program WILL build muscle - plenty of it - and it'll do it without killing you."

Nick Nilsson, C.P.T.
Vice-President, BetterU, Inc.

I know I'm suppossed to stay positive and not mention THE ECONOMY, I'm getting so sick of hearing about the economy, but it can't be denied. A lot of us are on a tight budget. So instead of charging $300 as I initially planned, I decided upon $127 for the package. Since this is an eBook and it's an electronic product I can pass on the savings to you. I don't have to pay to ship, I don't have to buy postage, envelopes or even pay printing costs. Straight up, that's why I'm offering it so cheap.

When you click on the button below, you'll be taken to a secure order page for your credit card information. We use a third party secure processing company so your order information is kept completely confidential -- only the processing company and your credit card company access the information.

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the Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training System

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Fast Acting Bonuses

I gotta laugh, I can't believe I just wrote that. It reminds me of those cheesy info-mercials you see on late night TV. I'm throwing in these items to absolutely remove any doubt you might have and make this an offer you just can't refuse. When you order right now I'm throwing in these bonuses to sweeten the deal.

Delicious Anabolic Protein Shakes & SmoothiesBONUS #1: Delicious Anabolic Protein Shakes & Smoothies

If you are anything like us, meal replacement shakes and Protein powder have become a part of your daily diet. No matter how good a prodcut tastes originally, anything can get old if you eat it day in and day out.

Use the recipes in this eBook to spruce up your shakes & smoothies, making them a treat instead of a burden. Recipes vary depending on your caloric needs and training goals. 77-pages. $19.99 Value

BONUS #2: "Amazing Abs 101" eReport

Amazing Abs 101 If You Ever Had Back Pain Or Want To Avoid Back Pain This Is A Must Read.

by Caleb Lee. Which ab exercises and core training methods will work BEST for you *personally* to get a tight, sexy stomach... How to lose belly fat in the quickest time possible for YOUR body type...

Exactly how to beat a slow metabolism... and... what your only options are if you have bad genetics... And that's just scratching the surface of what you'll learn in your *customized* report! Many people have paid good money for this report. Valued at $35.95

BONUS #3: Hybrid Training by Nick Nilsson

Hybrid Training Learn the "never-before-seen" secrets of combining multiple types of resistances to get DOUBLE and even TRIPLE the results out of every single set you do!

One powerful "Hybrid" set is worth 2 or 3 normal sets - this is maximum training efficiency and it will take your physique to a whole new level!...

$20 Value

BONUS #4: 7 Fastest Ways To Increase Your Bench

Increase Bench Press SPECIAL REPORT: Rut Busting Bench Press Matrix: Here are some tips you can use right now to increase your max in the bench press and set a personal record. Implement some or all of these techniques next time you workout to bust through your own bench press rut and add pounds to your one rep max.

Full 12-Week Program Provided! Written by best selling muscle writer & powerlifter Mike Westerdal. $24.95 Value


BONUS #5: Build Your Own Home Multi-Gym

Multi Home Gym You will save save hundreds building your own Home Multi Gym from common materials. This is the best collection of design blueprints for building your own weight training equipment.

These simplified design plans allow you to make your own equipment just from wood. The bill of materials tells you exactly how many, and what size pieces there are. The lumber and materials can be purchased at any building supply store or lumber yard. $37 Value

BONUS #6: Natural Anabolic Growth Blast PDF

Natural Anabolic Growth Blast A program to stimulate testosterone and human growth hormone release for rapid muslce mass gains.

This 50-page program will teach what foods are anabolic and how to maintain an anabolic environment that is ideal for lean muscle mass growth.

Learn what exercises stimulate your body's hormones. This is another great routine to add to your workout arsenal. $30 Value

Still Not 110% Convinced? Here's My Iron-Clad
60-Day Buy Back Guarantee!

Guaranteed to Work

Guarantee: If Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training is not everything that I say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then I will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.

That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise. I don't want you to take any of the risk. Put that on me. If you're not totally estatic about your decision I'll buy the program back from you! What's more fair than that?

My Biceps Are Almost 18 Inches Now!

hyper growth muscle mass training for huge muscles "Hey Dan, thanks for the Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training routine. I took
measurements today and I'm psyched to say my arms grew by 1.75 inches since I started using the system. Another few weeks and I'll be at 18-inches, can't wait. Oh and by the way, week 11 was a killer!

I feel like I'm walking around with an extreme pump all the time. Thanks for all your help. I'm going to use some of these techniques on my clients. I'll let you know how they respond."

Chris Wilson
Certified Personal Trainer
Northport, FL

In Summary - Here's What You Get For Only $60
Half Off Price of $29.99

Solution   Included In This Offer      Cost if Bought Seperately   
Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training$97
Delicious Anabolic Protein Shakes$19.99
Amazing Abs 101$35.95
Hybrid Training Program$20
7 Fastest Ways To Increase Your Bench$24.95
Home Multi-Gym Plans$37.00
Natural Anabolic Growth Blast$30
TOTAL if bought seperately:N/A$265.00

Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training Package
Limited Offer: $60 Half Off Only $29.99

the Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training System

When You Look In The Mirror Do You See The Man You Want To Be?

If you don't, you can start creating that new man with the help of this program. If you are the kind of person that doubts everything and has a negative attitude, you won't be successful with anything you set out to do. Think about what you want, not what you don't want. It's all in the perspective.

Frankly I don't want to work with negative attitude people that feel bad about everything that happens to them and think they have "bad luck" all the time. Make your own luck. Take control and take action. Prove to yourself and others you mean business. Nothing worth having will come easy without facing obstacles, but overcoming those obstancles will give you confidence and RESOLVE.

Now is the time to make a change. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.

All The Best,

Doberman Dan

"Doberman" Dan Gallapoo
hypermusclegrowth at gmail.com

P.S. Is it normal to be nervous? ABSOLUTELY! How do I know? Think about some of the most important joyous moments in your life. Maybe when you got married, or when your first child was born. Anything you have done that is worthwhile created some hesitation whether it be asking a special someone on a date, to learning to ride a bike or even buying your first home. You get the point. Follow your fear or nothing will change. There's really nothing to be hesitant about considering my 60-day guarantee, so buy it now while it's on sale, take your time, check it out and than return it if you're not totally satisfied.

P.P.S. If you need another P.S. to convince you, you're in trouble. This is the cheapest the program will be offered at. Grab your copy now before the Introductory Offer ends. Take advantage of the all the promotional items right now or someone else will.

Refresh Your Nervous System & Add Muscle

hyper growth muscle mass training "The Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training program is a tried and true method for forcing muscle growth and weight gain. It is a grueling program with definite results.

For strength athletes that find their training has gone stale, I would recommend this type of training to refresh the CNS and add some muscle. Once satisifactory gains in muscle mass are achieved you can break through strength plateaus after you return to lower rep/higher intensity training.

Clint Smith - Pro Powerlifter

Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training Package
Limited Time Offer: $60 Half Off Only $29.99!

the Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training System


Gained 2.5cm On Her Quads In 1 Month!

Build Bigger Quads "Dan, Thank you so much for all that you've done for me. I use to battle just to gain some decent size on my legs- but since I've been following and training as you've instructed me to, I have gained 2.5cm on my legs in one month!

The results are amazing!

Thank you so much."

Angel from the IFBB in South Africa

Brutal Training Equaling Freakish Results!

hyper growth muscle mass training "Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training is serious brutal training equaling freakish results. Definitely not for the faint of heart, this program packs on serious mass for those that have plateaued on their current training regimens. This is one of the toughest programs I have seen! "

As for diet this program follows exactly what I have found to be the most effective for muscle gains and the only type of nutrition program capable of losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time."

James P. Jordan
Bodybuilder, Columnist, Olympic Level Martial Artist


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