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The Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training System
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Doberman Dan, Author of the Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training System
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The Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training System

A step-by-step guide that teaches you the secrets, tips, and techniques you need to know to build a chiseled, muscular, ripped, head-turning physique...FAST! The "Hyper-Growth Muscle Mass Training" course is an extremely effective natural human growth hormone stimulator and packs on muscle mass, strength and power faster than you would've ever thought possible...while burning off body fat like crazy!

This guide covers it all, and makes it easy for you to get started building rock-solid muscle size and power while burning off ugly body fat


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Best Subject: It's NOT your fault!
Possible Subject: Sure Fire Signs Of Overtraining
Possible Subject: Is your nervous system fried?

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Hi firstname,

A lot of hardgainers blame themselves for their lack of progress.

They think, maybe I did something wrong in training or maybe I'm must not spending enough time in the gym.

Let me make something crystal clear for you right now:

Almost everybody gets stuck in a training rut at some point including me and working harder doesn't always fix it. In fact pushing harder and harder can be the actual source of the problem! I know it's hard to believe but you have to ask yourself……

Is Your Nervous System Fried? Are You Totally Overtrained & Don't Even Realize It?

Sure Fire Warning Signs Below:

  • Do you feel tired, drained, and lack energy?

  • Do You have general aches and pains in your muscles and joints.

  • Suffer A Sudden drop in performance. Weights that used to feel light somehow feel heavy.

  • Trouble sleeping at night.

  • Get weird headaches that you don't usually have.

  • Your immune system is definitely weaker… You keep feeling like you have a cold you can't shake.

  • Your wife or girlfriend tells you "You're moody".

  • The more you feel like this the more you want to work harder and get over the hump but nothing you try does the trick!

If you're suffering from any of these symptoms you've probably been doing a high intensity training program for too long. H.I.T. as we call it works but you shouldn't do it all year round. Every quarter you should cycle your workout with lower intensity and higher volume.

This change in training will trigger muscle growth while giving your joints, bones, ligaments and most importantly central nervous system a break from the pounding that heavy weights will put on your body.

If this sounds like something you're interested in learning more about you should check out my friend Doberman Dan's, "Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training" program. You've probably heard of Dan, his site was one of the first bodybuilding sites on the Internet.

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[[firstname]], if you consider yourself a hardgainer this is worth looking into.

The Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training system covers it all...training, complete routine, nutrition, recuperation, mental training...and makes it easy for you to start gaining muscle mass fast.

No more drinking 2 red bulls just to get fired up for a workout. Get an incredible workout without exhausting your adrenal glands and over taxing your CNS.

Take Advantage of thisOpportunity:

Dan has really put together a nice looking package here, so I'm excited to hear your thoughts.

Sign off,

Your Name

eMail Example 2:
Best Subject: Good Muscle Pump vs Bad One

Hi firstname

My buddy Doberman Dan the author of the Hyper Growth Muslce Mass Training system is sharing an article of his with you today that I think you'll enjoy.

Why There Is Such Thing As A Good Muscle Pump
& A Bad Muscle Pump
- by Doberman Dan

One of the joys of pumping iron is experiencing the magic feeling of the muscular pump. Right before your eyes your muscles seem to grow.

The feeling of getting a massive pump really is like having good sex, or as the great Arnold Schwarzenegger would say…"Getting a good pump is like coming".

Over the last 10 years there has been a lot of debate over the value of the pump in relation to building muscle tissue. One school of thought argues that the pump means very little so long as the muscle being worked is being sufficiently overloaded with heavy weights and very intense sets. This school of thought would be labeled High Intensity Training, i.e. low sets, high intensity, heavy weights.

The other school of thought swears by getting a massive pump. These trainees use multi-sets, higher reps, more moderate poundages and train somewhat less intensely. This type of training is the most practiced type of the two being used in gyms across the nation.

Who is right, and who is wrong?

While both types of training systems can produce large scale muscular pumps and stimulate muscular growth, they both cause metabolic side effects. So the pump received from these training systems means very little because in the end there is no muscular growth for the vast majority who use these systems.

But this still has not answered the question. Is a massive pump necessary for growing large muscles?

The answer is yes!

The only drawback from getting a massive pump from traditional training methods is the issue of metabolic side effects.

But why is the pump so critical for building massive muscular size?

In order for a muscle to become truly massive it has to be stimulated in two different ways using only one type of system. The training system must stimulate the actual muscle fibers within the muscle itself and stimulate the development and expansion of the blood capillaries, which are part of all tissues of the body.

When a training system can stimulate muscular growth without causing metabolic side effects the next thing it must do is cause a massive muscular pump. Getting a massive muscular pump that is free from growth stopping metabolic side effects is essential for the complete development of a muscle, because capillaries within a muscle will expand and stay expanded providing they are stimulated properly.

By gorging the capillaries with massive amounts of blood on a regular controlled basis you will increase the size of the muscle to a much larger degree than if you only stimulated the muscle fibers.

How much of a difference in size?

Well according to the most recent studies of muscle growth and stimulation, you can increase the size of a muscle by up to 50% more if the proper type of capillary training is used.

The type of training best suited for these requirements is my…….

HYPER-GROWTH MUSCLE MASS TRAINING program. ----- <<< Click Here

It is the only training system in the world today that can stimulate muscle fiber growth and cause massive capillary expansion resulting in a completely developed muscle and it does this without the use of any anabolic drugs.

Any system that causes serious metabolic side effects will not make a muscle grow to its fullest potential regardless of the type of pump it causes because metabolic shock causes muscle capillaries to contract in size soon after the workout is over resulting in a flat stringy look to the muscle.

http://xxxxx.dannyg.hop.clickbank.net/ <------- Discounted price today

Using the HYPER-GROWTH MUSCLE MASS TRAINING program does not cause metabolic side effects so the muscle capillaries will stay in their expanded state resulting in a full pumped feeling to the muscle long after the prescribed workout is finished.

Don't be fooled by the pump you get from using more traditional type training methods. The pump you get no matter how great it is does not and will not last.

So remember, there is a good pump and there is a bad pump and now you know why!

Here's the link to my brand new training program one more time. If you're a hardgainer like me that is looking to add muscle and lose fat you're going to love it. I'm offering a discounted introductory price though Saturday May 9th. If you don't buy it, no the world isn't going to end. But you will miss out on the cheapest price it will ever be offered for.


All The Best,

Doberman Dan